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Education institutions’ success is largely determined by how well they manage relationships and communicate with key groups, such as students, parents, alumni, teachers and other staff members. Managing educational organizations is a complex task. To organize information and make it easily accessible, it requires robust data management capabilities. Furthermore, it requires continuous and non-stop operations to be conducted in an optimized and smooth manner.

School Data Analytics and Visualization

Improving decision-making through data-driven insights

In addition to helping educators associate content, visualize data, and analyze relationships, LiveBook is a comparative analytics technology.

Through this integrated data analytics platform, schoolwide assessments uploaded from external sources are automatically combined with data from AdminPlus to create comprehensive tables and charts. In addition, visual formats are added to aid in the interpretation of the data, which enables school staff to identify patterns, differences, and trends more quickly, thus leading to more informed decisions.

Application Management

Course & Lecture Scheduler

Calendar Management

Key Features​

Student Acquisition

Online student admission management system through which applications can be accepted and their lifecycles tracked. Set up multiple decision-making parameters to handle approvals, and customize them according to your needs.

By automating all tasks related to student acquisition, including applications, approvals, and admissions, the application would help streamline the admissions process.

Fee Management

As a customizable tool for managing fees for schools and colleges, MySchoolTech can also be used to create ad-hoc invoices for specific transactions such as field trips. It is also possible to apply discount policies based on a variety of parameters, such as sibling discounts, scholarships, grants, discounts for staff dependents, and more.

As a result of the application, invoices would be generated automatically and emailed to students, parents, guardians, or sponsors. Integrating with payment gateways, it would process credit card payments and generate receipts in a timely and secure manner.

Attendance Management

MySchoolTech provides you with a reliable system for tracking staff and student attendance. Schedule courses, teachers, lecturers, and professors, and note all details of the class, such as the location, the day of the week, and so on.

With the attendance management system’s scheduling features, teachers and staff will be able to mark the attendance of students according to various aspects such as daily, session-based, or course-based requirements.


Our school management system excels in streamlining financial operations through its robust Accounting and Salary Management feature. Automated processes enable precise tracking of transactions, fee collection, and expense management.

The system effortlessly handles salary processing, ensuring accurate payroll calculations, and integrates seamlessly. With a user-friendly interface, customizable reports, and top-tier security, our solution empowers your institution to achieve financial transparency, compliance, and operational efficiency.

Self Login Portal

Ensure that your institution provides students, parents, and teachers with personalized credentials to access an online portal. Students could view course details, parents could monitor the performance of their children, and staff could monitor various administrative and non-administrative activities to ensure all deadlines and regulations are met.

It is anticipated that the custom portal designed for schools and educational institutions will assist in keeping all stakeholders informed about the status of courses and other activities. As a result of a centralized database, there would be no duplication of data. It is easy for authorized users to access the Portal, but it is also protected with security layers to prevent unauthorized access.

Dashboard Management

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